Plugfones earplug headphones are designed for situations when you want to block out sound and simultaneously listen to music. The first of its kind, these innovative earplug headphones combine hearing protection with superior sound quality. Perfect for travelling, hunting, motorcycling and for individuals working in loud environments where hearing protection is a part of personal protective equipment that is required or recommended. Unlike regular earplugs, Plugfones are a high-fidelity hybrid earplug-earbud that is OSHA approved, making mundane days extraordinary - there’s no need to choose between safety or sound. Shop for Plugfones online with Earjobs and enjoy delivery New Zealand wide.

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Are Plugfones OSHA-compliant in the USA?

They certainly are! Shop for Plugfones online from Earjobs with the confidence that they are OSHA-compliant in the USA for noise limitation and ear protection.

How do I connect Plugfones?

If you’re having trouble connecting your Plugfones to your device, try restarting your device’s Bluetooth and attempt pairing again. Ensure that both your device and your Plugfones are adequately charged. If the issue persists, refer to your user manual or send our friendly team an email.

Do Plugfones completely block out all the noise?

Plugfones are expertly designed to block out external noise, so you don’t have to turn the volume all the way up to enjoy the sounds of your favourite music. This also means that Plugfones are safe for use in busy, noisy environments and reduce the risk of damage to your ears. If you’re looking for earplugs, we also stock quality products from Howard Leight, Macks, Hearos and more.