Ear Muffs

Choose from our wide range of earmuffs suitable for various needs including industrial environments and the shooting range. They come in various styles such as passive (overhead, helm-attach, neckband) and electronic. We also have noise cancelling ear muffs for kids and babies!

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Ear Muffs
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Choose the best sound protection ear muffs for you

Ear Muffs offer many advantages over ear plugs and other hearing protectors. They are simple to remove and replace, making them ideal for intermittent use. Protective ear muffs are also more likely to provide the rated protection because they cover the entire ear. They also make it easier to find a proper fit as compared to other hearing protection. Ear muffs for sleeping are also more sanitary than ear plugs since they remain outside the ear, which makes sharing ear protection a safer alternative. Ear muffs are also more comfortable than most alternatives because nothing is inserted into the ear canal. Finally, with no small pieces to swallow they are totally safe to be used by infants.

Choose from our selection of noise reduction muffs and more

For a heap of great options for hearing protection and sleep assistance, explore our huge range of white noise machines, sleeping ear plugs, sleeping masks and the very popular Hearos. If you have any further questions, please contact our friendly team for more information.



This really depends on how often you are using the ear muffs and their quality. The cushion in the ear muffs should be replaced as per the manufacturer's instructions. The ear muffs will start to lose their shape, become brittle, and cracks will start to form, so the cushion should be replaced every 6 months.


The short answer is yes, definitely. Wearing ear muffs over your earplugs will give you double the protection from noise that could potentially damage your ears. The noise reduction from ear plugs or ear muffs alone will make your work environment much safer. Make sure you get ear plugs that sit right into your ear, so the ear muffs don’t make them uncomfortable to wear.

What do ear muffs do?

With a thermoplastic or metal head band which fits over the top or the back of the head, ear muffs provide both effective noise protection and warmth for the wearer.

How much noise do ear muffs block?

Ear muffs reduce noise from 15 to 30 decibels for the wearer and studies have shown that ear muffs are the preferred option for blocking high frequency noise. For more advanced hearing protection, check out our range of electronic ear muffs which offer the latest technologies in providing effective noise reduction.

What is the difference between ear muffs and ear plugs?

The full ear coverage provided by our ear muffs provides better quality protection from noise and by covering the outer ear, as opposed to ear plugs which are inserted into the ear cavity, wearers find ear muffs to be more comfortable for everyday use. Our collection offers some of the most comfortable earmuffs on the market with soft cushioning and full ear coverage, making them ideal for daily use.

Are ear muffs safe to use for children?

Ear muffs are the safest form of hearing protection for children and infants as nothing is penetrating the ear cavity. Our collection of ear muffs for children are specially designed to suit the younger wearer and our infant ear muff collection is rigorously tested for safety and noise cancelling standards to ensure that your baby’s hearing is protected.

How do I order ear muffs from Earjobs?

With the vast range of the most comfortable ear muffs available in our online store, ordering is as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. For New Zealand domestic orders above $70 in value, shipping to any location New Zealand-wide is completely free. Order today for the most advanced noise protection in New Zealand to protect you and your family.