Bulk Ear Plugs

After custom branded ear plugs? We can work with you to put your logo on ear plugs for your workplace, organisation or event. Send us an email at support@earjobs.co.nz for an obligation free quote.

Save money with bulk ear plugs! When you purchase ear plugs in bulk, you can reduce your overall safety gear costs and ensure your worksite never runs out of ear protection. Stock up today on top-quality ear plugs in a variety of colours and sizes!

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What are ear plugs made from?

Industrial ear plugs are generally made from PVC foam. A soft, flexible material, most people find foam ear plugs to fit comfortably in their ear.

Can you reuse the same pair of ear plugs twice?

We don’t recommend wearing the same set more than once. Once you put the foam into your ear and take it out, you risk exposing your body to germs if you put it back in. But don’t worry – at Earjobs, we sell disposable ear plugs in bulk so you can toss your used pairs away and grab a new set whenever you need to.

Can I use foam ear plugs to help me sleep?

Are late night sounds keeping you up? Our ear plugs will drown out all types of unwanted noise including traffic sounds, machinery, and a snoring partner! If you’re a light sleeper, consider a box of our Sleep Pretty ear plugs. They’re available in bulk so you’ll never run out!

Do you sell reusable ear plugs?

Of course! We’re here to serve all your ear protection needs. Browse our range of ear plugs for musicians, swimmers, and industrial use.