Musician Ear Plugs

Musicians' ear plugs offer a solution for professional musicians and concert goers who are regularly found to suffer from ringing ears, hearing loss and tinnitus. Our range of high fidelity music ear plugs lower overall volume without sacrificing sound quality, meaning you can play longer and harder than ever before.

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These ear plugs will protect your ears while allowing you to hit all the right notes; clarity is retained thanks to special high definition natural sound filters. Extend your playing career and enjoyment of live music. Grab some musician's ear plugs today! Musician ear plugs aren't just for musicians, they're suitable for anyone with hypersensitive hearing as well as those who regularly find themselves in noisy environments. These plugs allow you to hear everyday sounds like voices while cutting out loud, intrusive sounds, letting you turn the volume down on life to create stress-free environments.

Why do I need ear plugs as a musician?

No one relies on their hearing more than musicians. Whether you're an amateur or professional musician, the ability to recognise and respond to a wide frequency and amplitude range is an essential skill for anyone who makes music. Earjobs stocks a wide range of musician hearing protection solutions, including foam ear plugs, metal ear plugs, and reusable silicone ear plugs among others.

Without appropriate hearing protection, musicians often experience tinnitus and hearing loss as the result of loud music exposure. Tinnitus is a physical condition that involves subjective ringing and humming sounds in the ears. While this condition can be annoying for anyone, musicians suffer more than most. Musicians are more likely to suffer from tinnitus than the general population, with regular concerts, practice sessions, and DJ sets subjecting people to loud decibel levels on an ongoing basis.

Our range of high fidelity DJ and music ear plugs lower the volume without sacrificing the sound quality. You can play longer and harder than ever before without risking your most important tool. Whether you're a drummer in a rock band, a jazz pianist, or a deep house DJ, our ear plugs will protect your ears while keeping you locked in the groove. If you want to avoid tinnitus and hearing loss for years to come, musician ear protection from Earjobs is absolutely vital.

What are the best earplugs for musicians?

If you demand the very best ear protection without compromising your listening and playing experience, you've come to the right place. We offer a range of solutions for acoustic musicians, electric musicians, and electronic musicians, including DJs and producers.

Many of our advanced ear plugs are made from titanium, silicone, or a combination of both materials. In order to hear your music properly and respond to volume and tone changes in real time, it's important to ensure a tight seal and flat frequency response for high fidelity transmission without distortion. Earjobs sells a number of fantastic musician hearing protection solutions for the modern musician.

  • Volume - Our ear plugs lower the perceived volume of music across the frequency range for an accurate and musical response.
  • Quality - Our ear plugs are made with high-quality materials and constructed to fit the natural shape of your ears.
  • Comfort - In order to avoid ear fatigue for extended periods, our ear plugs are made to be comfortable on the stage and in the studio.



When you wear specialised ear plugs for concerts, you’ll be protecting your ears from loud noise that can cause long lasting damage. These types of ear plugs will stop excessive sound from reaching your ear drums, and the cells in the cochlear where the damage can occur.


In short, music ear plugs for concerts are highly effective. When you wear these at a concert, you’ll be considerably reducing the risk of damaging your hearing. The lower the decibels and unlike regular ear plugs, they block high pitch and low pitch sounds from entering the ear canal and causing harm to your eardrum.


While any kind of ear plugs will help lessen the chance of harm being caused to your hearing, not all ear plugs were created equal. There are lots of different ear plugs for sale at Earjobs including swimming ear plugs, noise cancelling ear plugs and musician ear plugs that eliminate high pitched and low pitches noise. Alternatives to gig ear plugs are ear muffs and anything from our Hearos range.