Ear Plugs

Choose from our extensive collection of specialised and general ear plugs that you can use for sleep, travel, listening to or making music, riding a motorcycle, swimming, shooting or while at work.

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Ear plugs for everyday noise

Protect your ears from unwanted everyday noises from your own neighbourhood or even your workplace. You’ll also be exposed to noise from traffic on your way to work. If your job is on a construction site, it means all-day noise exposure as well.

Ear plugs, particularly noise-cancelling ear plugs, are ideal for blocking out noises and preventing hearing damage.

What are noise-cancelling ear plugs?

Noise-cancelling ear plugs are specifically designed to protect your ears from noise pollution and reduce your risk of developing tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as well as hearing loss.

With noise-blocking ear plugs, the impact of loud noises on the ears is reduced significantly.

Quality ear plugs in New Zealand available online

Ear plugs in New Zealand (or wherever you’re located) are among the most convenient and popular hearing PPE. They are generally affordable, handy and small enough to carry everywhere.

You can purchase high-quality ear plugs online here at Earjobs.

Buy high-quality ear plugs in New Zealand

Browse our selection of high-quality ear plugs at Earjobs.

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