Dj Ear Protection

If you're a DJ, you deal with loud music and bass-heavy sound equipment routinely and its important to protect your ears. No matter whether you play techno, hip hop, house, funk, or something else altogether, how you hear your music is critical to how you select, mix and take queues from the dance floor whilst protecting your hearing to avoid hearing loss or tinnitus. Luckily, Earjobs has got ear plugs to suit your needs whether you're amateur or professional - from high fidelity silicone ear plugs through to custom lab made earplugs.

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Why do I need ear plugs as a DJ?

DJs deal with high-volume music and large bass-heavy sound systems all the time, often on a weekly basis. Whether you play hip hop, funk, house, techno, or something else entirely, how you hear the music is vital to how you select, mix, and respond to the dance floor. DJ hearing protection is vital for amateur and professional DJs in order to avoid tinnitus and hearing loss.

Tinnitus is a real problem for modern DJs, who are exposed to loud and repetitive music on a regular basis. This condition is defined by symptoms of ringing sounds in the ears. Attending a loud club or festival can trigger short-lived tinnitus, with regular exposure to loud music also known to cause long-term tinnitus. If you want to look after your ears, Earjobs offers a range of specialised DJ ear plugs.

What is the best ear protection for a DJ?

Modern ear plugs come in all shapes and sizes, from cheap disposable ear plugs to advanced titanium and silicone solutions. Foam and wax ear plugs are also popular with some markets due to their acoustic damping qualities and low cost. Many materials do not dampen the volume of the sound across the frequency spectrum, however, which is why DJs and musicians demand high fidelity silicone ear plugs with plastic or metal backing. Electronic earmuffs and earphones are also available for diverse or demanding applications.

  • Volume - Our ear plugs lower the perceived volume of music across the frequency range for an accurate and musical response.
  • Quality - Our ear plugs are made with high-quality materials and constructed to fit the natural shape of your ears.
  • Comfort - In order to avoid ear fatigue for extended periods, our ear plugs are made to be comfortable on the stage and in the studio.