Surfing Ear Plugs

For many in Australia surfing is a way of life. Unfortunately prolonged exposure to cool ocean waters can lead to serious problems for your ears. Surfers Ear (Exostosis) develops when the ear canal endures prolonged exposure to cool or cold water. To avoid developing Surfers Ear, it's important to employ protection. Ear plugs for surfing provide the perfect solution. There distinct features include a low NRR decibel rating so you can still hear your environment and fellow surfers, as well as a water tight seal to prevent water entering in the ear. Furthermore, surfing ear plugs are cleverly designed so that they stay in place even after wiping out.  For those on a budget or new to surfing, you don't have to commit to a speciality surfing ear plug right away. Ear Plugs for Swimming work well for surfing too; just make sure you bring a few spare.

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