Shooting Ear Protection

Ear protection for shooting is crucial for guarding against the extremely dangerous noises that weapons produce. Every single gun shot has the potential to cause permanent hearing damage. Whether you're a casual shooter or seasoned veteran, we have an extensive range of ear plugs and ear muffs to suit your needs and protect your hearing.

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Shooting Ear Protection
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Why do I need ear protection for gun shooting?

A gunshot produces 140 decibels, about the same as a jet engine. Even for the milliseconds the shot occurs, such a loud noise is enough to cause permanent hearing loss. This is why you should always wear ear protection for shooting. Even in the outdoors when hunting or practice shooting, you need to have certified hearing protection designed specifically for shooting. At Earjobs, we have world-class quality shooting ear protection tested and certified by experts to make sure your hearing is safe whenever you get cracking. If you are looking for something portable and effective, our range of earplugs for shooting and hunting are perfect.

What is the best shooting hearing protection?

Shooters hearing protection comes in the form of earplugs, earmuffs, or semi-insert earplugs. Earmuffs are also available in passive protection and active electronic protection. All these work in various ways and offer varying levels of sound blocking. Each is suitable for various shooting applications. In general, any kind of shooting protection is okay provided that it is of high quality, is worn properly, and is well maintained. Earplugs work by blocking out the high-pressure waves caused by gunshots and are more popular for their effectiveness and portability. Headband-style earmuffs work on the same principle, but they cover the ear externally a bit like headphones, while electronic earmuffs have active noise cancellation technology. Whichever model and design you choose, make sure you get the best quality shooting hearing protection for your ears at Earjobs, where we sell ear protection for shooters online with countrywide delivery throughout New Zealand.