Motorcycling Ear Plugs

The constant drone of wind noise while riding is both a safety threat and a health hazard. It affects your concentration- making riding more risky- and can cause you to arrive at your destination fatigued and with aching ears. This heightens your vulnerability to permanent hearing loss. The best way to protect against these dangers and to make riding a whole lot more pleasant is by using motorcycle ear plugs.

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Motorsport Earphones and Ear Plugs

Our motorcycling ear plug range includes several big brand options that are among the best motorcycle ear plugs available. Choose from many options including professional motorbike earplugs (Alpine MotoSafe Pro Earplugs), disposable foam earplugs and motorcycle custom ear plugs (Earjobs DIY Custom Ear Plugs) which are moulded uniquely to every ear.


Why do I need ear plugs when riding my motorcycle?

Riding a motorbike is lots of fun, but the sound of the engine and the wind racing past you can get very noisy. Motorcyclists are exposed to noise levels that exceed 90 dBA, with repeated exposure possibly causing tinnitus and hearing damage over time. While sounds at or below 70 dBA are unlikely to cause ear damage, repeated exposure at or above 85 dBA can cause problems. Earjobs sells specialised motorcycling ear plugs to protect your ears on the road.

But our incredible range doesn’t stop there. Our ear plugs also include sleeping ear plugs for that good night's sleep, flying earplugs for those who suffer from ‘Airplane Ear,’ and earmuffs for noisy workplaces. If you’d prefer that perfect fit, we even offer custom molded ear plugs.

Is it legal to ride my motorbike with ear plugs?

When you're riding a motorbike, it is legal to wear ear plugs or motorbike earphones. While you are not allowed to wear two ear plugs at the same time in some countries, riding your bike while protecting your ears is not prohibited in New Zealand if you're aware of surrounding traffic conditions. We sell a number of custom moulded ear plugs for motorcycle riders, including professional motorbike earplugs, disposable foam earplugs, motorcycle ear plugs with speakers, and motorcycle custom ear plugs.

What are the best motorcycle ear plugs?

Just like motorbike riders themselves, ear plugs for motorcycle riders come in lots of shapes and sizes. While all designs attempt to reduce external engine and environmental noise, the materials used and comfort levels available can differ considerably. We stock a number of ear plug solutions for motorcycles, with the following five models highly popular:

  • Alpine Motosafe PRO
  • Earasers 'Wind-Noise- Ear Plugs
  • Earjobs DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs
  • Alpine Motosafe RACE