Travel Ear Protection

Protecting your ears is important when traveling, whether flying, motorcycling or traveling otherwise. Earjobs has wax, foam, silicone and more ear plugs to protect against the pressure change associated with take off and landing when flying, and ear plugs for motorcycling to protect against wind noise and any traffic noises on the road!

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Why do I need ear protection when I travel?

Looking after your ears is important when you travel, from the plane to the hotel and beyond. While travelling opens up lots of new and exciting experiences, it can also lead to nasty surprises. We offer a wide array of travel ear plugs, from wax ear plugs and foam ear plugs through to high-quality flying and silicone ear plugs.

Different materials offer their own distinct advantages, so it's important to do your homework and find a solution that's perfect for you. For example, we provide pressure release ear plugs to protect your ears from abrupt changes in air pressure when flying. We also stock travel ear plugs to minimise noise pollution when you're staying in hotels, and high-quality sleep masks so you can rest your eyes in any environment.

What ear protection does Earjobs provide for travelling?

Earjobs offers extensive ear protection for travelling purposes, including specialised flying ear plugs for adults and children. In order to reduce air pressure when flying and get the relaxation you deserve, it's important to buy high-quality ear plug solutions.

Adult airplane ear protection - Earjobs Pressure Release Flying Ear Plugs 2.0 and Alpine Flyfit Earplugs offer ultimate protection while you're flying. These travel ear plugs help to reduce pressure on the eardrum, trapped air and fluids, and discomfort from abrupt air pressure changes. We also offer contoured sleep masks for the ultimate relaxation.

Baby/Kids flying ear plugs - Earjobs offers specialised flying ear plugs for children and babies. These products offer the same advantages as our adult flying ear plugs, only they're much smaller to ensure a tight seal. We offer a variety of ear protection solutions for small ears, with our ear plugs helping you and your children to experience peace and quiet away from home.