Flare Audio

Flare's big innovation and mission is to minimise all types of distortion from all audio designs, believing that the less distortion the better the connection to the music. From their experience in the live music industry they have learned and understood flaws with the traditional approach used to create loudspeakers and have developed patent pending technology to create pure audio in any sound-producing device. They now have an armoury of audio products and ear protectors, having moved into the industry in 2015 with a revolutionary metal-based earplug.

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Yes you can. Sleeping with these ear plugs in means you’ll be able to reduce stress from noise while drifting off to your dreams. Sounds will be smoothed out and be a lot less irritating. There will be loss in volume but you will still be able to hear your alarm in the morning or any other alerts.


It removes the resonant effect on the concha in your ear by using a minute waveguide inside the ear. The concha is a small shell shaped section of your ear that connects to the ear canal, which normally resonates mid frequency sounds through your ear. When you remove this resonance, mid frequency sounds have less painful aspects.