Listening to white noise may not be quite as fun as listening to your favorite Spotify playlist, but it offers a whole range of fantastic benefits that many simply cannot live without.

What is White Noise?

White noise is best described as the fuzzy noise heard in between switching radio stations. This soft buzzing sound is able to mask loud noises, which is great for a variety of health and wellness reasons.

White Noise for Adults

One thing many adults crave is a good night’s sleep, however, it is often hard to get thanks to workplace stress, late nights and loud living arrangements.

White noise doesn’t only help people to get to sleep faster but helps them to sleep deeper, too.

By drowning out loud noises such as traffic and televisions, white noise allows the brain to focus solely on getting to sleep.

There’s a whole range of fantastic white noise machines on the market to suit every need.

These machines are also top-notch for dealing with anxiety. Simply listening to white noise for ten to fifteen minutes after a long day is great for relaxing and refreshing the mind.

A study from the Journal of Nursing Research even found that white noise could help elderly people who are suffering from dementia. 28 of the 63 participants who took part in the 2017 study listened to 20 minutes of white noise daily for four weeks. The others received routine care.

By the end of the four weeks, the 28 treated with white noise were much less agitated, and their Mini-Mental Status Examination and Barthel Index were slightly better.

The LectroFan Micro2 white noise machine is great for those who travel a lot as it doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker.

This means that when you’re not trying to drift off to sleep, you can still listen to your favorite Spotify playlist.

Alternatively, the Marpac Dohm is a fantastic home machine with integrated vibration-dampening rubber feet for improved sound quality. This machine plays the signature Marpac sound, a ‘natural’ white noise, which effectively blocks noise at a whole range of frequencies.

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