Sleep regulates the body’s heart, weight and mind to help us all live happier and healthier lives. We all know that refreshing feeling after a good, quality night’s sleep - yet for so many of us, it is very uncommon. Why? Snoring.

Snoring occurs when air struggles to move freely through the nose and throat during sleep, which causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate. There’s a whole range of reasons that make someone a snorer- it may be as simple as their mouth falls open during sleep, they’re getting older, or they have sinus problems.

For many though, it is simply down to how they are built. And if you or your partner is a snorer, you’ll be very aware of the problems surrounding it.

Surgery is expensive and often doesn’t work. So most of the time, you’re best sticking to affordable snoring solutions.

That is why we’ve put together our own list of remedies that will help you to get some relief, whether you’re the snorer or the one that has to lie and listen to it all night.

For Snorers: Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

This sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? However, an anti-snoring chin strap is one of the most effective ways to keep the mouth closed throughout the night to avoid sleep apnea and snoring.

Not only will both you and your partner wake up feeling refreshed, but you’ll also avoid waking with a dry mouth, too.

The Earjobs Anti-Snoring Chin Strap has chin and bottom lip support, is super lightweight, non-itchy, and made of elasticated material for maximum comfort.

For Snorers: Nasal Device

Nasal devices are specifically designed to help the movement of air through the nose. They are great for those who have sleeping and breathing difficulties as the winged design is placed inside the nasal passages to open them up and let air flow.

The Airmax Snoring Nasal Device is made of FDA approved hypoallergenic, medical grade material to help you through the whole night through. It comes with both the small and medium sizes to help you find what’s best for you, without spending the extra money on two separate products.

For Partners: White Noise Machine

Adding more noise to a room you’re already struggling to sleep in does seem a little unusual. However, a white noise machine is the secret to a good night’s sleep for many couples.

Setting white noise to play in your room overnight will drown out the sound of snoring, allowing you to get some well-needed rest.

Silence often triggers the mind to focus more on its surroundings, so playing white noise is a great way of getting yourself to relax. This white noise machine from Lectrofan offers both white noise and fan settings to let you find the perfect sound to drop off to. It’s so small it will fit on your bedside table and can be set to automatically turn off after 60 minutes.

For Partners: Ear Plugs

The simplest, most effective way to block out all sound in the room is to buy a great pair of earplugs. These Comfy Wax Earplugs from Earjobs fit comfortably into the ear canal to block out your partner’s snoring and to allow you to move freely, without them falling out.

They’re also hypoallergenic, meaning you can wear them every night without worry of flare-ups.

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