Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all earplug. Whether you’re into swimming, shooting, music, or even just work with heavy machinery, there are perfect earplugs designed especially to fit around every lifestyle.

Sometimes, however, it can get a little tricky to know exactly where to go and what to buy to make sure you’re getting the best quality possible.

Here at Earjobs, we know exactly what it’s like to suffer from sleepless nights and ringing ears. And now, set up with expert knowledge, we’re here to make sure your ears stay as protected as possible.

Simply find your primary reason to use earplugs below and continue reading to find out exactly which earplugs will suit your lifestyle the best.


If you primarily plan to use earplugs to block out the sound of snoring or busy traffic after a long day at work, then you need to make your way to our section on earplugs for sleeping.

There’s a whole range of designs out there to make sure you sleep better for longer, but we stock only the very best.

For a one-size-fits-most design that’s super comfy and reusable, we recommend Alpine’s Sleepsoft range. These are made from AlpineThermoShape™ material which guarantees comfortable wear and has soft filters created especially for side sleepers.

Flare Sleeep Flex is also a pretty good choice- which blocks out heaps of noise using metal rather than absorbing it like foam.


Whether you’re a musician who plays a lot of gigs just an avid festival goer, you’ll know the importance of a good pair of earplugs.

Musician earplugs are essential for ear health, after all, as long-term exposure to extremely loud music can cause ringing in the ears, hearing loss, or even tinnitus.

A discreet and affordable option out there on our site is our own brand, Musicmate. These earplugs still allow you to hear the same great music and soak up all the atmosphere, simply at a lower volume.

Alternatively, for a little more freedom in the amount of music you hear, opt for dBud volume adjustable earplugs. The two-stage volume slider allows the wearer to change the amount of noise that can be heard. In the open position, noise reduction stands at around 15 dB. When closed, it stands at around 30 dB.


While motorcycling is great for the adrenalin-seekers among us, the constant drone of wind is both irritating and dangerous.

Motorcycling earplugs will protect your ears from hearing loss while also preventing hearing fatigue and keeping you as alert as possible when driving.

A great all-rounder are Alpine’s Motosafe Pro earplugs which dampen harsh noise whilst keeping traffic, navigation, intercom and the motorcycle itself audible. There are also two sets to choose from - MotoSafe Tour earplugs with medium attenuation, and MotoSafe Race earplugs with heavy attenuation.

A fantastic high-end choice are Earaser’s Motorcycling Earplugs. These earplugs promise refreshed and great-feeling ears even after hours of riding. They don’t need to be taken out for short breaks or for listening to music, either - they’re designed to block out the harshest of noise only.


There’s no debate when it comes to shooting - wearing ear protection is absolutely essential. We offer a range of solutions for shooters to prevent permanent hearing damage from the harsh sounds of guns.

3M Combat Arms are double-ended, allowing the wearer to choose constant attenuation for indoor range shooting, or use the other end of the plugs to get variable noise reduction for tactical ops, hunting applications, outdoor range work and other situations where situational awareness is important.

Mack’s Earammo soft foam earplugs are another great choice with an extremely comfortable and tapered fit. These earplugs are designed for working with any sort of machinery - from shooting to mowing your lawn- to block out loud, harmful sound.


Regular swimmers will be aware of the constant irritation of having water stuck in your ears - not only is it a nightmare to release but can also cause ear infections. Swimming earplugs create a watertight seal in the ear canal to keep your ears dry while swimming, snorkelling, showering, and even surfing.

Our very own silicone putty is fantastic at creating a watertight seal that is directly moulded to the shape of your ears. They’re super comfy to wear and can even be used safely with ear tubes and to prevent Surfer's Ear.

For a plastic option, try Zoggs Aqua Plugz, designed by Australian swimming and surfing experts. These earplugs are solely used to prevent water from entering the ear canal, so block very little sound out which allows wearers to easily chat whilst in the water.

For ultimate ear protection, both of these earplugs can be worn with an ear band which ensures earplugs stay securely in place.

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