Sometimes, earplugs can seem like more of a straight-forward purchase than they actually are. You just want to block out unnecessary noise, right? But have you thought about the size you need?

It is advised that you practice the same amount of caution when buying earplugs as you do when buying earphones.

A general rule to go by is that if standard iPhone earphones are too big for your ears, you may need to go a little smaller.

But that’s just the beginning - here we’ll go through how to measure your ears, and which earplug size will make for the perfect fit.

Check the Size

In the same way as you wouldn’t pick up a random clothing size in a store, you shouldn’t pick up random earplugs and hope for the best.

The first thing to consider is the size of your ears - you’re going to need earplugs that are air-tight in your ear canal, similar to how a cork fits in a bottle.

Women’s ear canals are generally around 20mm smaller than men’s, and sizing tends to be based around men’s ears. For this reason, ladies often suit narrow earplugs best, such as Mack’s Slim Fit or Dreamgirl foam earplugs.

The average male ears will suit regular-sized earplugs, however, if yours are a little larger, then you may want to size up with Hearos Xtreme or Howard Leight Max.

And if you want a really accurate reading on your ear size, try our sizing kit!

Check the Shape

While most ear canals adopt a round shape, some have an oval or slot-type shape which normal earplugs will find harder to stay in.

It’s easy enough to ask a partner or a doctor to check the shape of your ear canals. If yours are round then you’re good to go with the majority of earplugs, but if they’re not, try expandable foam earplugs or custom moulded versions.

Try Before Buying in Bulk

Quite a few of our brands sell earplugs in different sizes. So, if you’re not sure which to go for just yet, don’t panic and buy 150 regular earplugs.

Instead, buy from Silent Ears. These earplugs are really affordable, come in two sizes, and can be bought in instalments through us here at Earjobs.

Or, if you want to go straight for quality, give Earasers a try, sizing in medium and small.

Giving two sizes a try will give you the chance to feel the difference and decide which is best based on personal preference.

Still Not Sure?

If you’re still not 100% on the right size for you or feel that you’d like to play a little safe, there’s a range of one-size-fits-most plugs out there too.

We recommend reusable earplugs from Alpine’s range Sleepsoft, or our very own MUSICMATE® product.

There’s also a whole range of DIY earplugs to choose from on our website. Simply mould the putty to your ears, allow it to set for around ten minutes, and you’re good to go.

We recommend our own inexpensive, custom moulding kit - it’s quick and easy and results in the perfect-fitting pair for you.

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