It’s all fun and games until you draw the quiet guy from the other team for office Kris Kringle and now you’re frantically googling a week before wondering what you can get for the Man Who Has No Discernible Interests. Earjobs has you covered. We’re going to discuss three fun Kris Kringle ideas that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

For the coworker who turns up sleepy-eyed to the zoom call: Earjobs Contoured Sleep Mask


2020 has made the morning commute easier than ever before, but with it people are also cutting it fine: just how late can I wake-up this morning without my co-workers noticing? The tell-tale sign of the home office sleep-in include: sleepy eyes, shirt and tie without pants, pillows in the background of the webcam. Help your sleepy colleague get a better eight hours with this contoured sleep mask, designed to seal out the light while also giving space around the eyes for you to blink and look around, avoiding irritation.

The new-and-improved design has widened the bridge, leaving your nose free of any pressure for the most comfortable sleep possible. Coming in three colours, black, blue, and pink, the Earjobs Contoured Sleep Mask is a flexible, comfortable, portable travel solution designed to get the best rest wherever you are.

For the coworker who complains about using an inside voice: Earjobs All Rounder


For anyone who has ever worked in an open plan office, there’s nothing worse than trying to focus while surrounded by loud eaters, loud talkers, and just general disorder. If, on the other hand, you’re the kind of person who’s always told to use their inside voice, it’s time to take your revenge.

The Earjobs All-Rounder is a comfortable and versatile ear plug suitable for shooting, motorcycling, being overly sound conscious in an open plan office, and swimming. It’s made of one of the softest silicones available, is hypoallergenic, and indefinitely reusable (you can wash it with a damp communal office towel!) Comes with a metal storage capsule and an optional lanyard, the ALL-ROUNDER is as mobile as you are and certain to please no matter what your hobbies.

For the former co-worker and new parent: JOEY Noise Cancelling Baby Earmuff


Okay, strictly speaking it’s a gift for the baby, not your co-worker but sooner or later they’re going to have to get used to Christmas no longer being about them. For the co-worker you’ve farewelling or welcoming back from parental leave, the Joey Noise Cancelling Baby Earmuff is a great gift designed to keep those new parents festival hopping and crowd surfing with the whole family.

Essentially, baby ears are extremely sensitive to loud noises. Any hearing damage that occurs at such a young age will only compound as they get older, resulting in lifetime damage. But at the same time, you don’t want to risk the discomfort or irritation that comes with jamming a sensitive baby’s ear with plugs. Enter the Joey. Made of hypoallergenic and baby-safe materials, they fit snugly yet softly around the baby’s head, providing about 22 decibels of noise reduction allowing them to enjoy fireworks, movies, or sporting events at a safe volume. Coming in three colours (yellow, pink, and mint) and packaged with a carry bag and decorative stickers, the Joey is a fun gift for the new parent.

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