Many work in jobs or environments where the noise can be overwhelming. It is too loud, leading to severe hearing damage over time. The solution is to find where the ear plugs are, but cleaning these is an important task to helping to keep your ear plugs functional while protecting your ears.

You must realize that cleaning your ear plugs regularly is important for two reasons. First, oils and ear wax can build up on your ear plugs. This can cause them to become cracked or damaged over time, ruining their effectiveness or forcing you to replace them.

Secondly, the wax and oils that can build up on your ear plugs will also attract bacteria and dirt. By continually placing this into your ear without cleaning them, you are risking infection, especially if you should have cut or scraped in the air. Keeping them clean helps to protect you from this type of problem.

How to Clean Your Ear plugs

The best part about cleaning your ear plugs is that this process is fairly simple. Regardless of what type of ear plugs you have – either moulded or banded – it starts with you getting some warm soapy water. You can use soap, but hydrogen peroxide also works if you use a more expensive type of ear plug regularly. You want to give these the best possible care to ensure you the greatest amount of longevity.

Put your cleaning solution in warm water and mix to get a soapy solution. Then, let your ear plugs soak in the solution for about 15 or 20 minutes. This will help to break down oils, ear wax, dirt, or other debris that has adhered to your ear plugs.

After about 20 minutes, remove the ear plugs from the solution and rinse under warm water. Make it warm enough to avoid working or cracking. The same is true of your warm soapy water solution. Do not make your solution too hot so that it is not causing damage to the ear plugs.

After you have rinsed them off, place them in a towel and gently pat the ear plugs. Let them sit on the towel for about 45-60 minutes until completely dry. Ensure you store your ear plugs in a safe place, so they do not get damaged.

This is all there is to it. Now your ear plugs are clean and ready for you to use again.



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