Sleep. It is one of the most essential things that we can do every day. In fact, our body depends upon it. Sadly, there are far too many people who are not getting enough sleep, struggling to fall asleep, or struggling to stay asleep.

For many, it sounds around them disturb their sleep. Maybe they live in a busy neighbourhood or along the highway where there are car noises, barking dogs, or people yelling, causing them to disturb their sleep.

The Use of White Noise

The solution for this for years has been white noise. White noise is a blending of several sound frequencies that create a static-like sound. This sound is very much like that of a fan or air conditioner and drowns out the sounds around them.

White noise has been proven to be a very effective technique in helping people to sleep better. In fact, it works with people of all ages, helping infants to cry less and adults to sleep better.

While white noise has been very effective, there are two new types of "noises" that are becoming extremely popular. They are pink and brown noise, each of which has become far more popular and far more successful in helping people to sleep at night.

What Is Pink Noise?

Let's begin with pink noise. This is also a constant sound in the background, but what makes pink noise different is that it filters out the types of noises that will cause you to awaken or make it difficult for you to fall asleep. This can be such things as talking or car sounds.

Instead, what is provided is a steady background hum that filters out the sounds and simply provides the static noise around you. Pink noise is at a lower pitch than white noise and has been proven to provide a gentler, more soothing noise that makes it easier to fall asleep.

The sound is very similar to that of a steady rain or rustling wind through the trees. By adding depth and lower waves, it is able to filter out high-frequency sounds around you, which makes it much easier to sleep.

What Is Brown Noise?

Brown noise, which is also called red noise, produces a different type of sound altogether. This is a rumbling type of sound that is far deeper than what is found in pink or white noise, much like a base-like tone. The way that this type of noise works is that the sound level continues to decrease as the frequency it "hears" begins to go up.

It takes an intuitive type of machine to create this type of noise. In this way, it is very much like devices used to create pink noise. The device is listening for sounds around that could cause a disturbance during the night. These are such things as children crying, people yelling, car doors closing, the sound of cars on the road or other similar types of noise that very.

The machine interprets this sound, recognizing it as something that will disturb the person while he or she is trying to sleep. It then decreases the volume of those frequencies of sound while increasing the base-like tone. This makes it sound similar to heavy rainfall or the sound of a shower.

For those who suffer from ringing in their ears, brown noise has been found to be a highly effective technique in lowering the symptoms. It has also been shown to have positive effects once the person awakens, helping to improve thinking.

However, one of the things that separate Brown noise from pink noise is that there is far more research that has been conducted on pink noise and its effect on sleep than on Brown noise. While no negative effects have been shown from Brown noise, there is not enough conclusive data to label it as an effective tool in helping people to sleep more peacefully.

The Right Aid Is Important

If you are a person who is struggling to sleep at night or to get to sleep, these types of noises can be an effective tool in helping you to rest more peacefully. There are several apps that you can purchase that provide pink and brown noise, but they are not as sophisticated as some of the electronic devices that you will find on the market.

What you need is a device that effectively interprets sounds around your home and then provides the appropriate noise to help drown out those sounds and help you sleep better at night. Some even come with nightlights and alarm clocks, providing you additional tools.

However, the most common time that people will struggle to fall or remain asleep is when they are travelling. They are not used to the sounds around them, and the sounds of people closing doors and hotels, talking in the hallways, and cars driving by the business can be quite disturbing. This is where a travel sound machine with nightlight is ideal, as it is able to interpret all of the potential sounds around you, drowning them out while giving you the appropriate noise to help you to sleep better.

Getting a good night's sleep is essential. Purchasing a device that provides brown or pink noise may be the solution for you.

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