Hearing is one of the most important senses, and you won’t fully realise this until it’s gone. That’s why here at Earjobs our job is to find ear protection that's the best fit for you.

Whether you work with heavy machinery, travel on a motorcycle or simply need to get a better night’s sleep every once in a while, we're here to help.

Noise-induced hearing loss is common

Around 15% of Australians suffer from hearing loss caused by loud noises at work. Machinery or environmental noise that forces you to shout over the sound is highly damaging.

Noise induced hearing loss can be caused by both a one-time exceptionally loud noise (like going to a loud gig) or loud sounds over an extended period.

The damage happens to microscopic hair cells found inside the cochlea, which respond to sound vibrations through an electrical signal to the auditory nerve.

Each group of hair cells is tuned into a different sound frequency and over time, these cells do get damaged. If enough damage occurs, hearing loss will occur.

Wear ear muffs at work to combat loud noise

The best hearing protection you can buy will not just reduce your risk of hearing problems, but eliminate it. To reduce decibel exposure, wear either ear muffs or ear plugs at work.

Many of these will work to combat louder noises whilst still leaving you with an awareness of what is happening around you. Ear plugs are the best at reducing loud sound, and can be found here on the Earjobs site.

You do need to be aware, however, that ear plugs need to be inserted properly to work. If you’re looking to buy a batch for employees, the group should be trained on how to insert them before being taken out onto the floor.

Earmuffs don’t provide as much protection, but are obviously much easier to wear for the best sound barrier. You can shop our range here.

Specialised sound barriers are the best bet

Ear plugs are not always a case of one size fits all. At Earjobs we work to provide you with a wide variety of ear protection. If you’re a keen shooter or hunter, we offer ear protection with special acoustic filters which will block out the loud noises of guns but leave you with the situational awareness you need for the sport.

For musicians, we know how important it can be to hear the music whilst also keeping your ears safe. We have a range of high fidelity music ear plugs to suit your budget.

Music ear plugs

If you spend a lot of time on a motorcycle we have your back too. The drone of a motorcycle engine can not only damage your ear cells over time but can also affect your concentration and awareness of what is happening on the road. Earjobs offers big brand options which you can buy to fit specifically to your ear, making sure you can ride safely and without distraction.

Look after your hearing with Earjobs because once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.

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