A white noise machine is a mechanical device used primarily to help people sleep. They produce a monotonous 'white noise' sound similar to television static. Many people find this sound calming, allowing them to fall and stay asleep longer.

White noise machines are also great for masking otherwise distracting sounds at night such as traffic, construction work, loud music or snoring. Some white noise machines also produce a variety of calming sounds such as the running water of a creek, the sound of the ocean, rain forest noises or even gentle music.

Types of White Noise Machines

There are several types of white noise machines. Some produce 20+ sounds while others only one or two. Some make exclusively mechanical while others are digital.

Digital White Noise Machines – Our pick: the Lectrofan

Digital White Noise Machines use digital MP3 files to recreate a huge array of different sounds such as the aforementioned sounds of the ocean, river, thunderstorm, wind or waterfall. Some digital white noise machines allow you to download tracks from the internet and can be operated by your mobile phone.
Lectrofan White Noise Machine
Mechanical White Noise Machines – Our pick: Marpac Dohm DS

The white noise generated by these machines is purely mechanical, which many people find more soothing than digital versions. The sound produced by mechanical white noise machines is comparable to that produced by a fan. This is the original White Noise Machine and still very popular today.

Portable White Noise Machines – Our pick: Rohm White Noise Machine

These white noise machines are often quite small, battery operated or are rechargeable so that they can be used remotely. No AC adapter required. If you travel a lot and have come to depend on your white noise machine to sleep a portable white noise is for you.

White Noise Machines for Babies – Our pick: Hushh White Noise Machine

White Noise Machines for Babies are an increasingly popular tool for helping infants get to sleep. They're often small and portable, so you can soothe your baby wherever you go.
Other uses

White noise machines can be used for a variety of purposes other than sleep such as for study, relaxing and masking conversation for speech privacy (e.g. in executive offices).

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