Face-to-Face Communication Ear Muffs

Face-To-Face Communication Ear Muffs allow industrial workers to easily speak to and hear one another in high noise environments without ever needing to remove their hearing protection ear muffs. No microphones or radios are required, so workers may communicate naturally, face-to-face.

Push-To-Listen (PTL) Electronic Ear Muffs provide a way to safely listen to co-workers without needing to remove the hearing protection to hear. When a button on the ear muffs is pressed, speech and sounds can be heard through the ear muffs for a short time before the ear muffs automatically shut off their enhanced listening capabilities and return to their full NRR, facilitating safe face-to-face communications in high-noise environments with the simple push of a button.

Selective Amplification (aka Speech Enhancement) Ear Muffs are the next step up from PTL muffs. These advanced electronic ear muffs are designed for speech enhancement. That means they selectively amplify sounds in the human vocal frequency range, so voices and other safe sounds remain clear while the user is protected from all other dangerous noises, including both background noise and sudden, very loud impulse noises. With these electronic speech enhancement ear muffs, workers are able to hear speech clearly and maintain strong situational awareness at all times, while still remaining protected from hazardous noise.

You will find both PTL and speech enhancement ear muffs for face-to-face communication below.

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