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Typical Valentine’s Day: a picnic in the park, a candlelit dinner, or perhaps holding hands in the cinema watching a soppy movie. All of this is a little less romantic when you have to account for hand sanitiser, QR codes, and a kiss-preventing, sweat-collecting mask. Simplify things for Valentines this year with the next best thing, a romantic gift from Earjobs. We’re looking at three key areas here: sleep masks, white noise machines, and music ear plugs.

Mack’s Dreamgirl: Contoured Sleep Mask, Travel Pouch, and Ear Plug Combo


Key Features:

  • Soft material and contoured shape protects sensitive skin and eyes.
  • Combo pack includes plugs, carry case and mask for a full travel set vibe.

Nothing more romantic than a comfy night’s sleep, the Mack’s Dreamgirl Kit is a nice Valentine’s pamper pack, including a comfortable contoured sleep mask, a travel pouch (remember travel?) and a trial set of the Mack’s Dreamgirl Ear Plugs — one of our softest and strongest sleep plugs. Made of a silky smooth material not dissimilar to that of a bra, it’s soft on the face and eyes and avoids any itching or irritation of the skin. Hand-washable, the mask has a contoured design, preventing pressure on the eyes and making it easier to sleep in even the brightest of atmospheres. No more pre-bed disagreements over who has the lamp on, the Mack’s Dreamgirl Contoured Sleep Mask Kit is a great sleep accessory gift. The included pair of ear plugs is rated to block up to 30 decibels, one of the stronger sleeping plugs on the market, it’s a great way of restoring the romantic atmosphere that was lost when you outed yourself as a chronic snorer with sleep apnoea.

Pink not your jam? Or looking to upgrade your mask? Say no more.

The Dozy 3D Sleep Mask


Key Features:

  • Padded eye cups make for the softest sleep experience.
  • Adjustable eye cups and velcro strap for the most custom fit.

Another popular sleep solution is Earjobs’ very own 3D Sleep Mask, with a fully adjustable contoured design for all face shapes. In contrast to an ordinary sleep mask, you can remove and reposition the Dozy’s eye cups, allowing you to come up with an effective custom fit. The velcro strap places far less pressure on the head than elastic and also allows for a comfortable, personalised fit. The subtle grey and black design is suitable for men and women and the large amount of light blocking makes this a really considerate gift for your shift working or FIFO valentine. The real advantage of the Dozy is the padded eye cups, it’s like wearing a pillow on the front of your face, and ensures a soft night’s sleep particularly if you sleep on your stomach or side. Each set of the Dozy comes with a three pair of the Earjobs Comfy Wax, a soft wax/cotton ear plug that’s all natural and very comfortable. The plugs are a great solution particularly for that special someone with sensitive ears, the cotton/wax is far more hypoallergenic than silicone or foam and great particularly for the environmentally conscious.

LectroFan Micro2


Key Features:

  • Battery rechargeable via USB cable and capable of running on the go wherever you are.
  • Doubles as a bluetooth speaker.

So, the romantic trip to Hawaii didn’t quite pan out for 2021, but not to worry, the LectroFan Micro2 brings the beach to you. A portable, rechargeable white noise machine, the Micro2 comes programmed with two ocean surf sounds (in addition to five fan and four white noises) making it a great sleep aid, yoga or meditation support, or all around noise dampener for those noisy neighbours working from home. The benefit to white noise is that it allows you to mask other noises, the rattling windows, dripping tap, or snoring partner will disappear beneath the powerful wash of sound. In contrast to the majority of white noise machines on the market, the Micro2 is also a bluetooth speaker, which means you’ll be able to play Love Song Dedication no matter where you happen to be this February 14. It’s a small unit, about the size of a coffee mug, but don’t let that fool you: it’s got a strong speaker built-in and will have no problem filling a room. The ultra portable nature of the device, as well as its battery, makes this a great soothing white noise machine for sleeping bubs, too.

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Earjobs MusicMate Pro


Key Features

  • Newly updated acoustic filters give a super clear audio profile.
  • Comfortable and inconspicuous, almost invisible when worn.

So, you’re at your Valentine’s Date, reflecting on that pub rock gig where your eyes met from across the room and now you’re thinking, maybe this is the year I pick up the drums again. That’s a great idea but here’s something: protect your ears while you do it. For the aspiring muso, festival lover, or raver you happen to call your Valentine, treat them to the new high fidelity upgrade to the beloved MusicMate. It’s got updated filters for a clearer sound profile and a much stronger seal thanks to the flared, hypoallergenic silicone base. Rated at 23 SNR, it’s got a good degree of hearing protection appropriate for a live music context, but also useful as a WFH concentration plug or a plug for sleep. The transparent body makes for inconspicuous wear, and the compact aluminium case attaches to your keyring, guaranteeing convenience and ease of access. Upgrading the original MusicMate, we’ve re-designed the box and carry case to a far sleeker presentation, it’s ideal gift material and looks great wrapped up.

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