With a potentially quite wet Summer forecast and a bit of social overload from too many picnics and reopening parties, sometimes you want a low key Christmas on the couch. If you know someone keen for a snooze in the back of the car or even just want to reset your sleep cycle before the end of holidays, this gift guide is for you. 

Earjobs Comfy Foam Ear Plugs

The vast majority of foam sleeping plugs on the market are actually designed for work sites. Nothing wrong with that, they block a whole lot of sound. But sometimes you want something a little softer and more comfortable, something you can really forget you’re wearing. Earjobs is listening: in 2021 we’re introducing our first ever foam sleep plug and it’s one of the softest ever -- while still blocking a lot of sound. 

The Earjobs Comfy Foam are an ultra soft sleep aid, designed with a flexible, easily squished foam material, making them easy to insert and forgettable once worn. They place very little pressure on the ear canal, even if you sleep on your side, ensuring a strong seal without any discomfort. Rated to NRR 30, it’s one of the highest blocking units on the market. Each bottle comes with 60 pairs and because it’s from us you’ll find yourself paying a far lower premium when compared to European and American competitors. 

Coming with a hardy bottle container, they’re great to pack on trips or just to keep in the drawer of the bed side table. Eye catching colourful design makes them easily spotted down the side of the bed or in the dark. 

Earjobs™ Comfy Foam Ear Plugs

LectroFan Digital Fan and White Noise Machine

The brain is great at filtering out consistent noises: fans, air conditioners, the ocean. What the brain cannot handle is sudden, random bursts of noise: the rattling window, the slamming door, or the footsteps from your neighbours upstairs. White noise machines work on the principle of creating an even, soft, relaxing sonic atmosphere, crowding out disruptive noises and letting you sleep more comfortably and consistently over an entire night. 

The original LectroFan is the gold standard among white noise machines. In contrast to lesser units, which simply loop MP3s, the LectroFan actually generates the noise itself. This means no annoying loops and consistent performance at all volumes, without distortion or clipping. It includes ten fan noises and ten white noises, allowing you to match that nostalgic oscillating fan from your grandmother’s house or to find the right white noise to block out the neighbours. They aren’t only useful for sleep, the LectroFan can be used for meditation, yoga, or even for sleep training babies. It comes with a sixty minute power off function, but can also run all night for those who need it. 

Alpine SleepDeep Ear Plugs

One of the standout features of SleepDeep earplugs is their unique oval shape, carefully crafted to fit the natural contours of your ear canal. This design ensures a snug fit that won't budge throughout the night, making them ideal for side sleepers and anyone looking for uninterrupted slumber. Say goodbye to those nights when you constantly adjust your earplugs to block out noise, as SleepDeep stays put for your entire peaceful night's rest.

Inside SleepDeep earplugs, you'll find AlpineThermoShape material, a specially designed thermoplastic that molds itself to the shape of your ear canal. This not only guarantees a perfect fit but also contributes to the earplugs' comfort and effectiveness. With an impressive average attenuation (SNR) of 27 dB, SleepDeep significantly reduces annoying noises, making it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

SleepDeep earplugs are crafted with care, using hypoallergenic AlpineThermoShape material that's free from silicon. This means you can enjoy peaceful sleep without worrying about allergic reactions or uncomfortable itching. Plus, these earplugs are environmentally friendly and sustainable, as they're designed to be cleaned and reused up to 100 times. Keep them clean with a simple wash in lukewarm water and soap, and they'll be ready for many more nights of serenity.

Flare Calmer NIGHT

calmer night white
If you use social media, you’ve heard of the Calmer. You can’t turn around in 2021 without seeing an ad for them -- but what are they? The Flare Calmer is a hearing support accessory that softens how sound enters the ear, without dampening volume. For individuals on the autism spectrum, or with sound sensitivity, the Calmer has proven efficacy in preventing triggers, allowing you to live more calmly and confidently in the sometimes chaotic world. 

But what does this have to do with sleep? The new Calmer Night are specifically optimised as a sleep aid, providing the same level of hearing support without blocking out noise. There are plenty of reasons to want to keep your ears free while sleeping: responding to kids, your alarm clock, pets. For individuals who want to soften the impact of hypersensitive triggers without losing their awareness, the Calmer Night is a great solution.

It’s made from a softer silicone than the original Calmer, designed to be maximally comfortable when worn in bed. Available in both the original and mini size, it’s a great sleep alternative to the original unit. Like the Calmer, it’s covered by a limited 100 day return guarantee and comes packaged with a mesh carry case. 

The Dozy 3D Sleep Mask

With daylight savings in full flight, it’s getting more and more difficult to guarantee that consistent sleep in. If you’re someone with leaky curtains, a partner who reads late into the night, or you are sensitive to light waves when sleeping, a contoured sleep mask can be the best solution for ensuring blackout conditions wherever you’re trying to sleep.

The Dozy is a fully customisable 3D sleep mask that comfortably but securely conforms to the shape of the face, creating a consistent filter against light for a longer night’s sleep. In contrast to masks with elasticated straps, the adjustable velcro on the Dozy prevents undue pressure or tugging on the back of the head, allowing you to create a fit that is secure and comfortable to your head shape. The eye cups are also adjustable and can be fit in a manner that comfortably matches the shape of your face and eyes. Once sealed, the material on the cups gently squishes down (like a pillow for your face!) creating a light locking seal that adjusts even if you move during the night. 

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