Putty Buddies™ Floating Swimming Ear Plugs for Kids (10 Pairs Assorted: 2x Pink, 2x Yellow, 2x Green, 1x Everything Else)


Putty Buddies™ Floating Swimming Ear Plugs for Kids (10 Pairs Assorted: 2x Pink, 2x Yellow, 2x Green, 1x Everything Else)
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Putty Buddies are the colourful, fun way to protect your kids from swimmer's ear.

Floatable Putty Buddies Earplugs really do float so they are easy to retrieve when they get dropped in the pool! These colorful, soft silicone ear plugs are larger than most other child-sized silicone ear plugs to completely fill the outer ear, providing a watertight seal over the ear canal.

With an estimated 20-22 dB noise reduction, the soft silicone lets your child hear through the plug well enough that you can get your child's attention if you need to. The system using an Ear Band-It or Ear Band-It Ultra swimmers headband with Putty Buddies Ear Plugs was originally designed by an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for his young patients with ear tubes to help keep the Putty Buddies swimming ear plugs secure, even during vigorous activity.

Each pair of Putty Buddies comes in its own sturdy plastic carry case. Available in assorted colors: red, orange, yellow, green and blue!

How to use Putty Buddies® silicone ear plugs:

  • Do NOT force into ear canal.
  • Handle with clean, dry hands. Be sure any sunscreen, tanning oils, or skin moisturizers are removed from hands prior to handling.
  • Ear plugs should be placed over a clean and dry ear canal by an adult, never a child.
  • Flatten plug with fingers and shape to cover outer ear until snugly fit.
  • Do NOT tear plugs at any time. Use the entire ear plug for each ear. If plug appears to separate or crack, please do not use or attempt to remold together. Discard and use a new pair.
  • Remove plugs by pressing up, under the backside of the ear. Then pull down on the ear lobe. Alternating these techniques several times will release the plug from over the ear canal for easy removal and storage.
  • Discard after 2 weeks of use or when plugs become dirty, start to crack/crumble, or lose their tackiness.
  • If any material remains in the ear canal after removal of the ear plug, do not attempt to remove this material yourself as you may push it deeper inside. Please see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (not a generalist) as soon as possible and they should be able to readily remove any material.
  • Note that silicone is water repellent and will not likely be removed from skin or hair with water. If any silicone material gets stuck to skin or hair, use mineral oil or any natural oil-based product to remove the material.
  • Ear plugs are for use ONLY in water. If the user is out of the water for more than 5 minutes, please remove ear plugs, store and reapply (or use new pair) when re-entering the water.
Putty Buddies® silicone ear plugs are reusable and should be stored in the handy carrying case. Discard the ear plugs when they become dirty or lost their tackiness. Silicone ear plugs are recommended by doctors for swimming, showering and general water protection. Not recommended for diving in depths greater than 10 feet. Although Putty Buddies® are not intended for noise prevention, the user will experience a slight reduction in hearing when plugs are worn. For maximum protection, ear plugs should be worn with the Ear Band-It® head band.


1) Only handle the silicone with clean dry hands. Avoid touching the silicone with oily/dirty hands or bringing them into contact with lotions, oils, hair and other oil-based substances.

2) Make sure the user's ear is clean, dry and free from wax/oils prior to placing the ear plugs over the ear canal.

3) Make sure the plug does not have any cracks or folds prior to placement over the ear canal. If it does, discard and use a new pair.

4) Flatten the plug into a disk, place over the ear canal and pressed gently on the plug in a direction outward from the ear canal to "lock" the silicone into the outer cartilage of the ear.

5) To remove the ear plug, grab the ear lobe with thumb on the back of the earlobe and fingers on the front of the ear lobe. Push/pull up and down several times. This should ensure that the silicone dislodges easily in one uniform piece from the ear without leaving residue behind. Parents should inspect their child’s ear after each use to make sure that no silicone material remains around the ear canal.

6) Once removed, store the ear plugs in the plastic container (covered)until further use.

CAUTION: Only cover opening of ear. DO NOT INSERT IN EAR CANAL. Silicone ear plugs are safe when used as instructed. Keep away from infants. If swallowed, the plugs are non-toxic but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipes. Do not spread silicone plugs too thin. Avoid contact with hair and oil based lotions.

If you push a silicone ear plug into your ear canal, do not try to remove it yourself. Do not use tweezers, cotton swabs or other devices as these may push the plug further into canal. See an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Physician as they have the proper instruments and skill to remove the plugs safely. A silicone ear plug in the ear canal for a short time may be harmless, providing you do not attempt to remove the ear plug yourself and accidentally push it deeper into the opening.



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