Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

Whether you’re immersed in bustling city traffic, working in a busy office environment or simply want to enjoy uninterrupted music, noise cancelling ear plugs are a popular choice for those that want to block out external sounds. Noise reduction ear plugs are super portable, ultra lightweight and are ergonomically designed to fit your ear to significantly reduce unwanted noises from your surroundings. Buy noise cancelling ear plugs online from Earjobs and discover unparalleled sound and comfort.

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What are the best noise cancelling ear plugs in New Zealand?

It depends on your preferences! All noise cancelling ear plugs have built-in technology to block external noises and help you to sleep comfortably.

At Earjobs, we stock the largest collection of noise cancelling ear plugs in New Zealand — and at affordable prices. You can choose from these types of sleeping ear plugs:

  • Foam. The simplest option, foam ear plugs are ultra-soft and inserted partway into the ear, so they won’t cause damage to the ear drums. To avoid infection, it’s best to dispose of foam ear plugs after one use.
  • Wax. For a more tailored fit, wax ear plugs mould to the size and shape of your ear. They’re popular among people who use noise cancelling ear plugs for sleeping and swimming, and they’re waterproof too.
  • Silicone. If you’re looking for reusable ear plugs, silicone is the way to go. They’re designed to cover the entrance of the ear, so they’re great for side sleepers and those living in slightly quieter environments.
  • Custom moulded. The ultimate noise cancelling ear plugs, custom moulded pairs block high levels of noise. They’re designed to fit the size and shape of your ear, and offer the tightest seal.

You can also opt for noise cancelling headphones for extra noise protection. These block background or “low frequency” sounds as well as intermittent noise. They’re soft, comfortable and easy to remove, making them ideal for children and adults alike. The new-generation headphones are compact and lightweight, and can often fold down to a smaller size for travel. If you’re looking for other options, we also stock earmuffs that are suitable for a variety of environments, and we also offer white noise machines for babies.

Do noise cancelling ear plugs work?

Yes. High-quality noise cancelling ear plugs are very effective at “attenuating” noise, which means they lower the volume and quality of sound waves. By reducing noise, this means the person wearing them isn’t susceptible to background noise, like a partner’s snoring or the buzz of an office — but they’ll still be able to hear an alarm clock or react to an emergency.

Noise cancelling ear plugs work when they’re positioned correctly. The right technique comes down to the type of ear plugs you;re using. You may need to carefully insert them into your ear, or smooth mouldable ear plugs to fit the opening of your ear.

No noise cancelling ear buds or ear plugs can completely shut out noise, unfortunately.This is because our eardrums pass noise vibrations to the middle and inner ears, and those signals are then passed to the brain, where they’re converted to sound.

When you’re shopping for noise cancelling ear plugs for sleeping, look for a high Noise reduction rating (NRR). Then, compare factors like comfort and how easy they are to use and remove.

Is it bad to sleep with noise cancelling EAR PLUGS?

No. A premium pair of headphones are soft, comfortable and stay put even if you move around overnight.

Many people credit noise cancelling ear plugs with giving them a good night’s sleep they wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise!

Noise cancelling ear buds for sleeping are a safe way to block out background noise that interferes with sleep, such as cars or construction workers on the street below. There are a range of materials and styles to choose from, but most noise cancelling ear plugs for sleeping are designed for a snug, custom fit. We also offer white noise machines as an alternative solution to help block out unwanted noise while you sleep.

If you’re prone to earwax buildup or ear infections, sleeping with headphones may be a better option than ear plugs.


The decibel rating on ear plugs refers to the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) - how many decibels are blocked out. When worn correctly, noise cancelling ear plugs can reduce noise by about 15 to 30 decibels. The highest NRR of any ear plugs currently on the market is approximately 33 decibels.