Mothers. How do they do it? 

Backing up work with all the responsibilities of running a household, keeping small (and not so small) humans alive, not to mention debriefing with Beloved Partner on their getting overlooked for another promotion…it can be an intense and thankless job. Plus that cognitive load comes at a cost. How does Mum sleep when she’s got a To Do list longer than the Auckland SkyTower? When Enzo needs to be at Karate practice and his sisters Dance Recital tomorrow at the exact same time? When the mortgage has suddenly doubled yet hubby won’t stop talking about moving the family to an Alpaca farm near Christchurch he once visited as a kid?

Earjobs can’t solve the tyranny of the double-shift, spatial physics or the ‘cozzie livs’. But this Mother’s Day, we can help you take the sting out with some humble yet mighty sleep aids.

Alpine Sleepsoft

Noisy neighbors, creaking floorboards, teenage sons and daughters coming home at all hours of the night… the list of loud interruptions in Mums life are many and multiple. Yet sleep has never been is such high demand!

The Alpine Sleepsoft is the original reusable sleeping ear plug and still one of the best. It doesn’t quite block as much sound as the newer SleepDeep, but it makes up for it with its ultra softness. Plus the lower noise reduction can be a benefit for anyone worried about being able to hear crying children at night or even their alarm clock. 

Check out the Alpine Sleepsoft here

Dozy 3D Sleep Mask

It’s Sunday morning…

The kids are still asleep after staying up late on screens the night before. Beloved Partner has left the house already to go hit the round ball into the small hole. A sleep-in is finally on the cards… Oh no! Light is flooding into the bedroom. Despite the blind being drawn it’s still seeping in.

Enter Dozy, the most comfortable, effective light-blocking sleep mask on the market. This year, give mum the gift of the truly Lazy Sunday. 

Check out the Dozy 3D Sleep Mask here

Yogasleep Dohm DS White Noise Machine

One of our all-time most popular white noise machines, the Dohm DS stands out due to its entirely mechanical noise it generates, which emulates the noise a fan makes without the cooling gush of wind. As many people knowingly or not first encountered the sleep benefits of white noise through the use of a fan in summertime, this has made the Dohm a real hit with those who enjoyed being lulled to sleep with a heartier, earthier white noise than those generated by digital devices.

Check out the Yogasleep Dohm DS White Noise Machine here.

QuietOn 3.1

If you’re looking to really wow Mum this year, look no further than the QuietOn 3.1. Created in Finland, the QuietOn 3.1 is the most technologically advanced, slim-fitting and comfortable ear plug ever invented. The magic of the QuietOn 3.1 is in its active noise cancelling technology. A tiny microphone in the device samples whatever noise might be present in your environment, then uses that recording to create the perfect counterbalancing white noise that literally mesmerizes you to sleep. It simply has to be experienced to be believed.  

Learn more about the QuietOn 3.1 here.

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