Christmas is a time for family to express their love and affection, but it’s also a competition that you intend to win. In this guide, we’re going to run through four great centrepiece gifts that can take your family’s Christmas to the next level.

For the bubs: Marpac Hushh



White noise simulates the hushing sounds that lull babies to sleep, allowing them (and you) to rest for longer. The Hushh is an ultra portable white noise solution targeted at babies specifically: it’s got a built-in night light, a child lock, and a clip to attach to a stroller or crib. It’s a tiny unit, only about four inches across, so can portably fit in even the smallest of bags. It’s rechargeable via USB and generally good for about a day’s worth of hush in a single charge. It’s programmed with three separate noise sounds, including gentle surf, and is simply operated by a series of switches on the side. The entire unit is composed of the speaker system, so you’re getting quite a powerful volume in a small package.

For her: LectroFan Digital Fan and White Noise Machine


lectrofan white

The LectroFan is a gold standard among digital white noise machines: all of the sounds are produced live by the unit, it’s not playing a cheap loop or distorting at high volumes. Despite its size (only 10cm by 5cm), it’s a powerful unit able to fill even the largest of rooms -- it’s great for the bedroom, for meditation spaces, or even for covering external noises in a work-from-home space. It’s easy to operate: two switches cycle through fan and white noises, another button adjusts volume. A sleep timer is included, allowing you to set it to switch off after sixty minutes -- great for getting to sleep without running all night long. The unit comes in either White or Black, so you can ensure it fits in your bedroom.

For him: Earjobs Workmate Electronic Earmuffs



The Earjobs™ WORKMATE® is here to revolutionize hearing protection. These electronic ear muffs not only block out dangerous loud noises you may encounter on worksites or at the gun range but also provide 4x sound amplification for low-level sounds, such as footsteps, voices, and warning signals. With a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22dB, they offer top-notch protection for your ears. What's more, the WORKMATE® features Sound Activated Compression, automatically compressing sounds over 82dB to safeguard your hearing. Equipped with ergonomic volume control and an AUX input jack, you can even connect your phone or radio while wearing them. Packed with features, these ear muffs are a steal at just $92.99.

Plugfones Protector Plus


For those who work in high-noise industrial environments, hearing protection is essential. But why should you have to choose between safeguarding your hearing and enjoying your favorite tunes? With the Plugfones Protector™ Plus, you don't have to. These industrial earplug-earbud hybrids are designed to provide both protection from hazardous noise and the ability to listen to music.

Built to withstand the rigors of industrial settings, these earphones feature a tear-resistant TuffCord™ cable and a double-reinforced audio jack. They are also sweat-resistant, ensuring they can handle hot and demanding working conditions. The Protector™ Plus is lightweight, weighing just 10 grams, to prevent wearer fatigue even after a long day.


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