Motorcycling is one of those activities where ear plugs are essential. Even with a helmet on, the wind-noise that’s created by travelling at high speeds can be deafening, not to mention a huge distraction while trying to drive safely on the roads.

Finding the right sort of hearing protection to use while motorcycling can be tricky. Firstly, you need something that’s going to be comfortable under a helmet. You’re also going to need an ear plug with a lot of noise reduction because as you probably know, wind-noise can be LOUD. Finally, unless you want to be constantly forking out for disposable foam ear plugs you’re going to want a reusable ear plug.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled this list of the best ear plugs for motorcycling. They’ve all been specially designed with motorsports in mind, so you know you’re getting a good deal.

Everything on this list offers noise reduction but if you want block noise AND listen to music while riding, check out the excellent ISOtunes Pro.

1. Alpine Motosafe PRO $56.99

No one has more experience designing ear plugs for motorcycling than Alpine. Their latest release, the Alpine Motosafe PRO comes with two complete sets of ear plugs. The first is a heavy duty pair designed for the racetrack. The second pair has lower attenuation and is suitable for short trips, holidays and motorways. The ability to choose a different pair of ear plugs based on your situation, plus their long lifespan and stunning comfort levels provided by these ear plugs all combine to earn them the number one spot on our list.

Motosafe Pro

2. ER20XS Motorsports $44.99

To make the ER20XS Motorsports, Etymotic Research redeveloped their immensely popular ER20XS line of music ear plugs and the results are impressive. The Motorsports feature a discreet stemless design so they fit snuggly under your helmet and come with three different tips (a small and large size silicone plus a foam tip). This ensures you’ll always get the right fit no matter what the size of your ear. Plus, like the Alpine these come with the perfect level of noise reduction for motorcycling; enough to reduce wind-noise to safe levels while still allowing you to hear important sounds like horns, traffic and the motorcycle itself.

3. Earasers Motorcycling ‘Wind-Noise’ Ear Plugs $89.99

Another ear plug brand that made its name making music ear plugs, Earasers are renowned for being extremely comfortable. This particular model also has a tiny pull tab, making insertion and removal that much easier. Earasers other big claim to faim is the crystal clear sound these plugs offer. A respectable choice for those that value clarity inside their helmet.

4. Earjobs DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs $29.99

Our very own Earjobs DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs are a great option for motorcyclists on a budget, as well as anyone who has trouble getting their ear plugs to fit under their helmet. These mould to the contours of your inner ear, meaning you always get the perfect fit. Just make sure not to use too much mixture when making these or they may protrude and create pressure under your helmet.

Earjobs DIY

5. Alpine Motosafe Race $38.99

Our final entrant and another great budget option, the Motosafe Race features all the bells and whistles associated with Alpine (comfort, quality) but as it’s a single pair it only costs a fraction of the price of the flagship Motosafe PRO. If you’re looking for something with a little less attenuation (sound reduction) the Motosafe Tour is also a great choice.


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