There are no two ways about it: we take mums for granted. Whether it’s their constant emotional support or that unique way they know how to hug, mums are great (and do a lot of work we don’t recognise behind the scenes!) Make your mum feel pampered this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful gift designed for rest and relaxation from Earjobs. Her ears will thank you!

Flare Calmer & Flare Calmer Night


The Flare Calmer is the most hyped hearing accessory ever. A pair of hollow tips you insert into the ear, they don’t block any sound but instead transform how sound enters the ear, cushioning the passage of sound waves to reduce stress and audio fatigue. They are especially useful for individuals with sound sensitivity with many of our users remarking that these little devices make them feel more calm and relaxed in particularly loud contexts.

The Calmer Night does the same thing, with a few key optimisations for sleep. Made of a softer silicone with increased flexibility, the Night model is going to be far easier on the ears of side sleepers or anyone with sensitive ear canals. While they will not block noise, they will soften the impact of ambient night noise, allowing your mum to rest more softly before her 5:30 alarm (seriously, why does she wake up that early?)

For more information on the Calmer, including its possible application as a treatment for tinnitus see our extended review here.

Alpine Sleepsoft


Quite possibly the highest rated reusable ear plug we sell, the Alpine SleepSoft is the most comfortable, most flexible reusable plug, with special design choices to suit side sleepers and those with small or narrow ear canals.

Unique for Alpine is their AlpineThermoShape material, a hypoallergenic, non-silicone synthetic, the tips of the SleepSoft adjust with the heat of the body to flexibly and comfortably conform to the shape of the ear. A low density plug, the SleepSoft will fit softly with little pressure on the sensitive canal.

Designed for side sleepers, flexible components avoid jamming into the ear even when you sleep on top of them. Blocking a medium amount of sound, around 23 decibels, it’s a great solution for dampening noise while still leaving you aware of your surroundings. Alpine’s filters mean you can hear your alarm through the plugs (and also your thoughtful gift giving partner!)

LectroFan Digital Fan and White Noise Machine


A white noise machine is a true jack of all trades for a calm and soothing household environment. You can use it to sleep, for meditating, for covering unwanted noise from your neighbours (or husbands!) as well as in a work from home context to aid focus.

For the mum who does everything (but really gets annoyed by the music from the neighbours), the LectroFan is a flexible white noise solution with twenty different non-repeating sounds. With ten fan sounds and ten white noise sounds, you’re free to adjust until you find the perfect noise for blocking, dampening or soothing.

Unlike many digital white noise machines, which use looping MP3s and inevitably cause frustration as you begin to identify when the sounds start and stop, the LectroFan instead generates the noise live. This means no loops and a consistently generated wash of sound to lull you to sleep.

It’s simple to control: two sound buttons, one volume button, with the option of a sleep timer to turn off after sixty minutes.

QuietOn Electronic Noise Cancelling Sleep Earbuds


The QuietOn is a heavy duty active noise cancelling solution to snores and disruptive nighttime noises. Unlike an ordinary ear plug, which uses a physical material such as foam or silicone to dampen noise as it enters the year, the QuietOn uses active noise cancelling technology to identify sounds and counter them.

The QuietOn prides itself on targeting the particular sounds ear plugs struggle with most: low frequency noises like the wind, bassy snores, or the hum of washing machines, dryers, and other household items. By identifying the sounds and playing a contrary one, the listener hears only a pleasant whispering noise, allowing a good night’s sleep in even disruptive contexts. With three different memory foam ear tip sizes included in the box, the QuietOn is a versatile fit suitable for all ear types. The charging case ensures the buds are always ready to go, with up to twenty hours of battery life in a single charge. The case is hardy and stylish, making these an appropriate travel companion for those mother-and-child holidays (hint hint, your mum’s birthday is coming up!)

Mack’s Dreamgirl Contoured Sleep Mask, Ear Plugs and Travel Pouch Combo


A nice stocking stuffer gift to round out Mother’s Day, the Dreamgirl combo set from Mack’s includes a comfortable contoured sleep mask, a set of the Dreamgirl soft foam plugs, and a travel pouch to keep it all together on your next family holiday.

Unlike a regular sleeping mask, a Contoured Sleep Mask shapes around the bridge of the nose minimising any light leakage to give the most comprehensive seal possible. The mask is made from a smooth and silky material not dissimilar to that used on underwear, making it a really comfortable and breathable sleep accessory even in summer. The contoured shape creates space around the eyes too, so no pressure on the delicate eyelids and no smudging of eye make-up!

The set includes a trial pair of the Dreamgirl ear plugs, one of the best foam plugs on the market. They’re a low density, high dampening plug, with a hollow design great for sensitive ears. Very little pressure is exerted on the canal when worn, while still managing to block over 26 decibels of sound — more than enough to stop snores in their tracks.

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