It’s Christmas time. It’s hot. You want to be in the pool or the backyard but you’ve still got to finish off that gift-getting. These four great summer stocking stuffers will take your present haul to the next level.

For the kids: Putty Buddies Swimming Ear Plugs

$8.99 (15% discount for sets of 4-9, 25% discount for 10+)

putty buddies

As swimming lessons ramp up, a set of comfy ear plugs can be the difference between aquatic smiles and ear infection screams. Putty Buddies are made of a unique floating silicone, which makes them easily located in the pool (and prevents them getting caught in the filter). They come in six different colours, each with a different animal, which is fun (and helps avoid those all important childhood territory disputes). They’re comfortable and larger than other silicone ear plugs, allowing you to create a watertight seal over the ear without entering the delicate ear canal.

For the teens: Earjobs MusicMate (Adult and Children’s Sizes Available!)



Concerts are finally happening again and so is band practice. If your kids are out partying the night away, keep their ears safe with the MusicMate. Comfortable and subtle, they’re barely noticeable when worn but provide a strong 23 decibel sound reduction that takes concert noise to within safe parameters. Acoustic filters allow you to hear the music clearly, with a reduction in harmful noise and superior clarity. Reusable and re-washable, they come with an aluminium case and are appropriate for daily wear. Since 2020, they’re also available in a smaller children’s size: it’s not too late to get the family band back together.

For The Dreamer: Mack’s DreamGirl SleepMask Kit


macks dreamgirl mask

A fun novelty gift set, the kit comes with a contoured sleep mask, set of DreamGirl foam ear plugs, and a carry-case. The contoured design avoids irritating the eyelid while sleeping, creating a subtle cup around the eye that locks light out comfortably for sleeping wherever you are. No more arguments about the bedside table lamp. It’s washable, made of a soft material that feels comfortable on the skin, and portable with the travel pouch. Comes with a set of Mack’s DreamGirl foam ear plugs, a slimmer profile plug designed for narrower ear canals, they still blocks over 30 decibels of sound. Perfect for sleeping next to a snorer or in the car.

For The Handy One: Earjobs DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs


ej diy

DIY custom moulded sets give perfect fit and a high level of hearing protection without breaking the bank. Our Earjobs line is a great multi-purpose plug, suitable for loud gardening, tooling around with motors, shooting, and any other tinkering you might get up to on the weekend. The set takes about ten minutes to make all up and is made of a hypoallergenic, non-toxic silicone. Carry case keeps them clean between uses and they are washable and indefinitely reusable. Have a look at them in action, here:

Earjobs Brief (We know you’re busy)

  • For the kids: Putty Buddies Swimming Ear Plugs. Floating silicone means an end to ear infections ear plugs clogging up the pool cleaner. Six fun colours. 
  • For the teens: Earjobs MusicMate. Ultra comfy high fidelity music ear plugs keep your ears safe all rave long. Also in children’s sizes for your little rockstars. 
  • For the missus: Mack’s DreamGirl SleepMask Kit: Feel pampered with a sleeping mask, travel pouch, and ear plug combination. Makes the long commute back from the coast a breeze. 
  • For the mister: Earjobs DIY Custom Moulded Ear Plugs No more ill-fitting ear plugs. Custom fitted set suitable for gardening, motorcycling, shooting, and anything loud. Easy do it yourself kit gives a professional fit for less. 
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